TC800 is a technical assistance robot.
Several accessories can be integrated on its back, making it a great ally for various applications (heavy load transportation, fire-fighting, casualty evacuation, taking measurements, etc.).
TC800 is entirely designed and produced in France, in La Rochelle.

TC800 is based on an original architecture, significantly more powerful and versatile than previous generations’ robots. It also offers easier access for servicing. Its “brushless” engines make TC800 more reliable: no maintenance is required thus offering a lifespan considerably superior to traditional electrical engines. Thanks to its monitoring system, the operator gets in real-time a clear picture of the different components’ condition.

Use case: fire-fighters and rescue teams
TC800 is fire-fighters and rescue teams’ indispensable ally. It strengthens the safety of men in operations, and assist them with difficult and physically demanding tasks.
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Civil, Military, Industrial, construction


Electrical engines
Payload : 800kg
Max Power : 12 kW
Max Torque : 2000 Nm
Dimensions: L1564mm x h650mm x l770mm
Slope : 45°
Side-slope : 40°
Obstacle clearance: 30cm
Traction force: 12500N
Weight : 500kg
Speed: 3.5km/h
Autonomy: 4 to 6 hours in operations
Charging time: 2 to 5 hours (depending on the charger)
Electrical power : removable L-ION batteries
Control system : Radio and/or wired
Range: depends on the environment and on the installed radio option
Monitoring: real time robot monitoring (temperature, power, voltage), Data logger
Pulling power: can pull 200m of fire hose with water in
Sealing: complies with IP66 standards
Command interface: remote control and/or rugged tablet and/or smartphone (Windows, Android, IOS)