QUATOR XLT is a robot dedicated to heavy loads transportation, technical assistance, recognition, research and programming. It is remotely operated.
Its high engine power allows to reach speeds up to 10 km/h.
Fully IP67 waterproof, this robot is the perfect platform for your studies, research on components or programming.
Quator XLT is easy to pilot and is made of aerospace alloys insuring unrivaled robustness.
Tecdron transmission assemblies (total of four) are equipped of 1000W engine each.


Civil, Military, Industrial, Scientific


Size ( LxWxH ) : 1710 x 1520 x 950 mm
Weight : 420 Kg
Wheels : 550 mm diameter
Battery life : 4 to 6 hours
Electrical energy : battery L-ION
4 x transmission blocs ( made in Tecdron )
4 x motors 1000W
Payload : 500 Kg
Speed : 10 Km/h
Obstacle clearance : up to 60 cm
Slope : 40°
Side-slope : 35°
Corrosion treatment
Los ( external ) : 1 Km
Numeric video transmission
Front wide angle lens video – HDTV 720p
Rear wide angle lens video – HDTV 720p
Led lighting
Rack battery 24V-90A/h
Simple Charger 24V-20A/h