SP – e ³

SP - e ³


SP – e³ is a remote controlled robot, for intervention and technical assistance: it is versatile with diverse equipments: water canon, smoke extraction fan, stretcher, handling arms, electric winch, gas sensor / NRBC, thermal camera.
The blocks are articulated in order to easily adapt itself to the land on which they operate.
This allows the robot to overcome obstacles quickly and keep good stability. It is very easy to drive and its aerospace alloy design gives it an unparalleled robustness. Tecdron developed new block transmissions equiped with 8 engines 1500W (Tecdron own Development), and electro-magnetic brakes.
SP – e³ has a powerful torque more than 5000 Nm.


Civil, Military, Industrial, Scientific, Nulear


Dimensions ( LxWxH ) : 1240 x 750 x 740 mm
Weight : 230 Kg (without equipment)
Duration : 2 hours / 6 hours in option
Electrical energy : battery L-ION
Payload : 300 Kg
Speed : 10 Km/h
Obstacle clearance : up to 50 cm
Slope: 55°
Side-slope : 40°
Anticorrosion treatment
Los ( external ) : 1 km (plus)
Los ( internal ) : 300 meters (plus)
Electromagnetic brakes
IP68 sealing
Battery 24V-45A/h
Simple Charger 24V-10A/h